Common questions and answers

1. Making a booking

2. Payment 

3. Booking change and cancellation 

4. Transfer booking conditions and details 

5. How can I find a driver upon arrival 

1. Making a booking

How to use a search bar to book a transfer?

If you want to book a transfer, you have to fill out a booking form on the main page of the website.

After your completed a booking, the system will send you an e-mail. It will include all the information related to your order as well as the cost of service.

In case if there is any mistake, you should immediately contact a manager by clicking on a link in the letter. When you checked all the data, you must press on the “Confirm” button in the letter. Thus, you confirm your reservation.

Upon successful completion of the booking procedure, the system will send a voucher with a mark that your order is confirmed. If the letter has not come yet, just contact our manager using contacts from the previous letter.

You can either print the voucher or download it on your computer, a telephone or any other electronic device.

It usually takes you no longer than 5 minutes to make a booking.

I cannot select the necessary route. What should I do?

You should not worry if you failed to find the necessary route in the dropdown list. Sometimes, the search bar does not show the necessary destinations, when one picks up the search parameters “From”/“To”. In such a case, the system will offer you the option “Request Manager”. In the form that opens you could enter the required location as well as other details (contacts, drop-off place, personal requirements, etc.). After that, press on the “Send a request to the manager” button, and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

What if I want to book a transfer to the airport?

If you want to book a transfer to the airport, you need to select the pickup point (for example, the name of the hotel) and enter the name of the required airport using Roman alphabet.

In the dropdown list, you will see all possible variations of the destination. However, if you still have difficulties in finding the airport name, you can ask the manager for help by clicking on a link “Send a request to the manager”, placed under the search results.

Please note that you need to specify the details about the route: pickup/drop-off places and your email in a separate window. You can also leave a message with special requirements related to a vehicle or a transfer in the “Comments” field. Our manager will contact you in a short period of time to clarify the details and confirm the booking.

What pick-up time should I set?

there are some differences to be taken into consideration when you make a booking for a transfer.

You need to specify the exact landing time. In such a case, a driver can calculate the time required to come to the airport on time. If the flight schedule suddenly change, we highly recommend you to call the driver using contacts from the voucher. Otherwise you could call our managers on +30 6907639047. Your message will help to avoid unexpected delays and discomfort with a transfer.

It is necessary to consider many factors when you decide to book a transfer to the airport. To not miss the registration and the flight, we recommend you to use the following scheme to calculate the necessary time: write down the time you spend on the road, add two hours, and then 30 more minutes for unexpected surprises that might occur during the trip. For example, if your flight leaves at 12:00 and the time you spend on the road is one hour, then you will have to set 8:30 as the pickup time for a transfer.

How to calculate the duration of a trip?

If you want to know the approximate journey time, you need to enter the point of departure and the drop-off location. The system will automatically do all the calculations itself, and show them in your booking request on the left side. It is nevertheless important to know that the journey time is the approximate one, and it will be counted on the basis of the most favorable conditions on the road. Changes might occur depending on particular circumstances.

How to specify the flight number in my order?

When you wish to order a transfer from the airport, you need to know the exact data regarding your flight. It means that you need to specify the flight number that is indicated on your flight ticket. As a rule, the flight number consists of English letters and digits. For example: RT1789.

We require the number of your flight to track the landing time on the day of your arrival. Even if there are any delays or deferrals, the driver will meet you considering the changes in time.

How far in advance should I book a transfer?

If you want to book a transfer, you should do it in advance. Minimum time of pre-reservation is 24 hours before the trip starts. If the booking is done for a new route, it may take some extra time to prepare and confirm it.

However, if you need to make an urgent booking, please contact our manager on +30 2311 111181 or by e-mail at We will try to do our best to help you.

How should I specify the address in my booking correctly?

In the booking form you fill out to book a transfer, you should enter the exact pick-up/drop-off address. If you do not know it, you can enter the name of the hotel, city, or the airport. The address of your hotel is usually mentioned in the confirmation letter you receive after booking a room. Сarefully check all the information before sending it. When you get the voucher, it is good to check it again.

What should I do if I want to book a return transfer either?

If you want to request for a return transfer, you should follow these steps:

The easiest way to place an order for a return trip is to book it simultaneously with the outbound transfer. While making a booking, you should select the option of booking a return transfer for the same route.

The second option is using a link in the letter of confirmation. The system will send it on your email when you make a booking for the outbound transfer. Click on the link and fill out all required fields to place an order.

Note that if you want to book a trip for another route, you should use the form on the home page of the website. If there are still any difficulties, you can always ask our manager for help.

How do I know that my booking is accepted for processing?

After you fill in the form and send it, you will receive a confirmation letter on your email. This letter will include all information regarding your booking: a booking number, time, place, cost of the transfer, and the class of vehicle. Moreover, you will see the status of your reservation.

To confirm a reservation, you should check all the information once again and click on a link in the letter. After that, you will receive another letter that contains a booking voucher.

In case if you have not received a letter with a voucher in 12 hours after confirmation, you should immediately contact our managers by email at or by phone on +30 2311 111181.

What is a transfer voucher?

A transfer voucher is a document. Each customer receives it on his email (specified during the reservation procedure) after he confirms a booking. The document is issued in the pdf format and consists of 1 page. One can open it in a browser or through a special programme on his computer.

The most important data in the document includes the reservation number and the customer’s full name. It is worth to check all the information again to avoid inconveniences in the future. The voucher also includes the data related to the transfer company: name, telephone numbers, email, etc. The document also depicts the rest of the information about your order: the number of passengers, payment, status, vehicle class, and other details.

In the voucher, you will also find several active links that you could use to order a return transfer, contact our manager, cancel or change your booking.

Do I need to print a transfer voucher?

There is no need to print a transfer voucher. You can download it on any electronic device that makes it possible to show the document when necessary.

Do you provide service for disabled people?

Yes, we do. We provide such a possibility. However, you will need to specify the details of the transportation, so that we can select the most suitable vehicle for him/her at the time of booking.

You could leave your comments in a reservation form while booking or contact our manager. If you need a vehicle adapted for the transportation of passengers on wheelchairs, you should better contact us first so that we will find a vehicle that meets all your requirements and special wishes.

Do you provide vehicles adapted for the needs of passengers on the wheelchairs?

Yes, we do. You can request for such a vehicle. If you need special transport, you should note it in the comment in the reservation form, so we will be able to find the most suitable vehicle for you.

We also need you to specify the size of a wheelchair. This will help us to find the best match and offer a driver who can help a passenger to get into transport with comfort.

2. Payment

The cost of a transfer: what is included?

The cost of a transfer is the price for booking, based on the distance and the vehicle class. It can be calculated both for a one-way and return trip.

The final payment includes fees for luggage. Please note that the size of baggage should not exceed a standard one. The number of suitcases must be no more than one suitcase per person.

If the size of baggage is not standard, the cost of a transfer might change due to the necessity to change the vehicle type.

How can I pay for a transfer?

As a rule, you could pay for the transfer in cash to the driver. No prepayments are applied. If it is more convenient for you to pay by card, you can also do so by entering this information in the comments field. In case you want to make a prepayment by bank transfer, please indicate it in the comments or send us an email at and we will send you the necessary details.

 Can I pay for booking from a legal entity?

Yes, you can. Your order can be paid from the name of a legal entity. In this case, a transfer is paid via a bank transfer.

In the field for comments, you will need to indicate that a legal entity will do the payment for service and provide all the required requisites for bill’s issuing.

What currency can I pay my driver at the drop-off location?

Payments to the driver must be made in the currency specified on the booking voucher. It is highly recommended that you prepare the required sum of money in advance to avoid any possible discomfort if the driver has no change. 

Do I have to pay the additional cost for waiting?

There is no need to pay for waiting in case if you requested for an airport transfer and your flight is delayed for not more than 45 minutes. A 30-minute delay will be tracked by the driver himself and he will meet you on time. If the waiting time exceeds the specified limit, the driver may ask for an additional waiting fee.

When you book a transfer to any other place (for example: to your accommodation, a hotel, a seaport, a railway station, etc.), you should remember that the free waiting period is only 15 minutes.

Is the price in a search bar indicated for a vehicle or per person?

The price for a transfer depends only on the vehicle. You do not pay for a seat in the car. You should also pay attention that the cost might vary depending on the selected vehicle class. You can choose the transport you like no matter how many people will go on a trip, but within the maximum capacity. There is no difference whether there are one or three passengers – the price will stay the same.

You can select the class of vehicle by yourself. The price is formed at the time of booking. In the booking voucher, you will see the final payment for a transfer that will be applied upon completion of a trip.

Does the date of my transfer influence the price?

No, it does not. The cost of transportation will not change upon the day of the week, a holiday, or a weekend. The foremost advantage of a transfer is the stability of its price.

3. Booking change and cancelation

How do I change my booking?

You can modify your booking no less than 24 hours before the trip starts. All you have to do is to send us an email to

If you want to change your reservation less than 24 hours before, you should better contact our managers by phone on +30 6907639047.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your order no less than 5 hours before the transfer starts. To do this, you have to click on the cancel button in the e-mail with a booking voucher. On the page that appears, you will see the button for the booking cancellation. When you press on it, the request for a transfer will be automatically canceled and it will be impossible to restore it.

In case of cancellation, we ask to specify the reason so that we can control the quality of the provided service.

What if my airport of departure was changed and I have already booked a return transfer and received a confirmation?

In case if there is a particular change of the destination, you should do the corresponding changes in your order. To do this, you have to send an email to our address: if you want to do those changes within more than 24 hours.

In case if there are less than 24 hours, you should better contact our manager by phone on +30 6907639047, and let him know about the necessity to do particular changes.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

All our partners are monitoring relevant information about the flight delays and save our customers from the issues regarding possible waiting for a transfer. If the plane is delayed for less than 30 minutes, you can take no actions. However, if the delay time exceeds 30 minutes, you should contact the driver by phone which is indicated in the booking voucher. It is also important to state whether the flight number, the airline and the airport of arrival stayed the same.

What should I do if my flight comes earlier?

In such a case, you can use one of the offered solutions.

If you do not let the driver know about this issue and the information about the flight’s arrival reaches a transfer company late, we advise you to wait in the arrival area for a while. The driver will keep to the time specified in the voucher. However, you can be sure that he will certainly meet you on time.

If you contact the manager right upon landing, we will inform the driver so that he will try to come to the airport as quickly as possible.

If you decide to leave the airport without waiting for a booked transfer, then you should know that the prepayment will not be returned.

4. Transfer booking conditions and details

What if I am traveling with children?

A child is regarded as an adult passenger when you book a transfer. It happens so because we take care of each passenger comfort and safety. A transfer vehicle that is booked for a trip with children should be equipped with child seats. When you make a reservation for a transfer, you should indicate the type of a car seat you need: an Infant seat – for a child whose weight is no more than 9 kilograms; a Baby seat – for a kid who weighs from 9 to 18 kilograms; or a Child seat (booster) – for a child whose weight exceeds 15 kilograms, but is less than 36 kilograms (this term stands for a special airbag, which is attached to a seat and helps to use the seat belts more rationally). 

Please note that no extra fees are charged for a child seat but you should tell us how many seats you need using comments in the booking form.

Is it obligatory to book child seats?

We advise you to book a child seat not only for the sake of a child’s safety but for the reason of local laws. It is strictly prohibited to carry children without child seats in many European countries. Thus, non-compliance to the rules might influence not only the kid’s safety but also cause particular fines.

While making a booking, you need to specify the type of child seat according to the age. If this information is not included in the booking, the driver has the right to refuse the transfer, as the car will not have a child seat.

How to choose a vehicle?

The first thing you should do is to indicate the number of passengers in the vehicle search. After that, you will be offered to choose from a list of vehicles of different classes and grades of comfort. Upon your preferences, you can choose the one you like yourself. Remember that children are counted as adult passengers.

The allowed luggage is shown next to the each car. Standard size of one piece of luggage is 158 centimeters upon the sum of its length, width, and height.

The extra amount of luggage should be indicated separately. If you are not sure which car will suit you better, you could ask us to recommend you the type of the car that will be able to carry your luggage and provide the same level of comfort to all passengers.

How will the vehicle look like?

When you make a booking, you select the class of vehicle. In case if the required vehicle is not available at the moment of your arrival due to some reasons, we guarantee that you will get the transport of a higher grade without applying additional fees.

How do I know the car capacity?

All transport has capacity standards, which are specified in the search results. When you select a class of car, you will see its capacity based on the number of passengers and luggage places.

What should I do if my luggage exceeds standard size?

In this case, we will help you select the vehicle that can carry all your non-standard luggage. For example sports equipment, bike, spinning, etc.

You can book a vehicle for transportation of non-standard luggage by sending us an email to or in the online chat. Another way to request for such a facility is by filling out a search form, where you should specify the details of your luggage.

Will my driver deliver me right to the hotel?

Certainly, he will. The cost of a transfer is based on the destination, i.e. the place of your residence. Any address you state in the request form will be regarded as the final spot.

If you do not know the exact address of your hotel, you can specify the name of the city and the name of the hotel or any other information you are aware of. In such a case, we will find all the necessary information ourselves to ensure that the drop-off point is as close as possible to your place of residence. Nevertheless, you can make it easier for us if you use a hotel voucher. Usually the exact location of the hotel is indicated there.

Can we ask our driver to make a stop or change the route?

Transportation is implemented upon the route specified in advance. If you plan to visit particular places on the way, it is possible to make some stops if you mention this in your booking.

In case, if you have a sudden wish to make a stop, you can ask a driver about this possibility.

There may be technical stops on the way if the route is long-distance, for example refueling, etc. The time spent for such stops will be also taken into account in the total time of the route, specified in your order.

You can indicate special requirements or wishes in the booking form in the comments box or by writing us to It is also possible to let us know about the transfer details by calling us at +30 2311 111181.

What should I do if I travel with a pet?

We arrange transportation for both our customers and their pets. For this purpose, you need to inform us about the availability of the pet while booking. You can discuss the possibility of such transportation by writing to or informing our manager via online chat.

Can I book a transfer between two hotels?

Yes, we also provide a hotel transfer service. To do this, you need to fill in the corresponding fields in the search form.

Can I book transport for a long-distance route?

Yes, that is possible, too. You can choose any route you want. In order to request a transfer according to your individual requirements, you should contact our manager via online chat, by email or phone.

All your wishes will be considered and implemented. Our employee will create a reservation, which will be sent to you by email for confirmation. After confirmation, a voucher with all the details of the route will be sent to your email.

Can I book a transfer with several drop-off locations?

Of course. To do this, it is necessary to prescribe in advance all the nuances of the route in the comments to the booking. All additional information can also be sent to the e-mail address

It is also possible to make a request for a transfer with several departure points. You will have to indicate the pick-up places of all passengers. Note that this facility can be offered for an extra charge. You will receive a notification about that before the booking confirmation.

What are the regulations in case of inappropriate customer behavior?

We pay attention to every client and care about the quality of service. However, there are some objective reasons to refuse to fulfill a transfer. The foremost reason for the refusal is the state of being under alcohol or drugs influence of passengers.

In case if a customer shows aggression or abusive behavior towards a driver, the transfer company has the right to cancel the order and refuse to perform the service.

In case of inappropriate behavior of a passenger, the cost of a transfer will not be returned.

What is the smoking policy?

According to existing legislation, transport companies prohibit smoking in their vehicles. We also support such principles and respect all our passengers equally, smokers and non-smokers.

What is the policy for dealing with complaints?

Our company treats all customers with personalized attention and respect. We take into consideration only justified complaints. All the claims regarding the provided service are taken for consideration not later than 28 days after the transfer. After the mentioned period, the claim might not be accepted. You should also note that the claims related to the customer’s improper behavior and rules violations are also not accepted.

5. How can I find a driver upon arrival

How do I meet my driver?

The algorithm of a meeting is quite clear. The driver will be waiting for you at pick-up point holding a sign with your name on it.

If you come to the airport, the most common location for meeting with a driver is the arrival hall.

If you are about to come to a station (bus or railway), the driver will be waiting for you on a platform.

If you come to the seaport, the driver will meet you in the building of a port station. You will easily recognize him by the board with your name on it.

If you book a transfer from the hotel, the driver will meet you in the hall.

If you book a transfer from your apartment or a rented house than the driver will be waiting for you in front of the house.

If you still cannot find your driver, you should call him using phones that are listed in the booking voucher. If there is no response, you must immediately contact our managers by phone on +30 6907639047.

How can I contact my driver?

The phone number of your driver will be indicated in the booking voucher.

How can I be sure that a driver will pick me up?

We provide a high quality of service and guarantee the fulfillment of all duties that are specified in the booking voucher and on our website.

We highly recommend that you do not switch your mobile telephone off upon arrival and respond to the incoming calls. If you want to make sure that a driver is waiting for you, you can contact him yourself upon landing/arrival.

What language should I use to speak with a driver?

All our drivers speak several foreign languages. As a rule, this is English as an international language and, if possible, the language of the customer.

There is no need to speak a local language to use the transfer service. A driver will be provided with all the necessary information in advance.

What should I do if I cannot find my driver?

First of all, look around again at what's written on the plates of people in the arrival hall. It is quite possible that you have just missed the one you need.

Secondly, you should wait for about 15 minutes. Perhaps, there are particular force majeure issues that caused some delay. We will certainly inform you about that via a telephone call and clarify the exact time of the vehicle’s arrival.

You can also contact a driver yourself to find out when he reaches the mentioned location.

In case if you do not receive a phone call or a message from a drive, and there is no vehicle after a 30-minute waiting, you can hire a city taxi. The route of the taxi should be the same as the one you have booked. In case if you did a prepayment, we will return it back.

Who meets me at the airport?

At the airport, you will be met by a driver in the arrival hall. He will be holding a plate with your name and surname signed on it. In case if you did not see your driver with the name-tag, you can contact him to clarify the meeting place.

Where will I meet a driver in the hotel?

As a rule, the customer is met by his personal driver in the hall area, by the reception desk. The driver will be also holding a table with your name.

If you cannot find your driver, you can call him by phone, specified in the booking voucher. For our part, we will do our best to ensure that you arrive at the airport, station or any other place on time.

How will I find a driver if I am in the city?

A driver will meet you according to the indicated address. If you are in the city, you should specify your location (address, street, a house number).

As usual, he will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it upon address you indicated in your booking.

In case if you booked a transfer to the house with several exits, you should state the exact pick-up point. You should also identify the entrance number if the house features several ones.

What if a driver has no change?

Usually the warrior has small banknotes with him to avoid any inconvenience. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you prepare the required sum without a change in advance to avoid any possible issues.