Aktis Group Ltd. presents the Terms of use of the transfer (a car with a driver on the specified route) search and booking service.

Aktis Group Ltd. offers Aktis.Taxi service for searching. Aktis Group Ltd. is referred to as “Aktis.Taxi”, “we” or “agent” hereinafter. The company operates through the aktis.taxi website, which is accessible via info@aktis.taxi email.

By booking a transfer on the Aktis.Taxi service, you agree to all of the Terms, as well as to act in accordance with the law. In case of children under the age of 18, you guarantee that they are accompanied by adults.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms, we recommend you contacting Aktis.Taxi managers before booking.

1. Terminology and main concepts

A transfer is a set of services that includes renting a car with a driver, more specifically:

A transfer company is a company that provides transportation in the region where services were ordered, which concludes an agent agreement with Aktis.Taxi.

Goods and additional services are any set of services and goods that the transfer company provides onsite or during the transfer process. This option may relate to certain meeting conditions, car class, and any other services useful for tourists. As a rule, additional services are paid separately, but sometimes they can be included in the price of the order.

Aktis.Taxi services is an aktis.taxi website that accumulates all the information on finding a transfer, booking a trip and contacting the company managers, as well as other Aktis.Taxi bookings and information systems.

A booking request is the data sufficient for the implementation of the transfer booking. The request implies that you are ready to make a reservation according to the specified parameters and have the opportunity to pay for the trip.

A booking voucher is a document that confirms your intention to travel on an agreed route. Among other things, it indicates the terms of payment.

A confirmed booking is a booking request confirmed by both you and the transfer company.

2. Booking Process

When you make a booking request on the Aktis.Taxi website, you provide all the information about yourself and the necessary information about the transfer, taking full responsibility for the accuracy of the indicated data. The person who creates the booking must be at least 18 years old. In addition, in case of incorrectly specified data when booking, the client is responsible for the failure or improper provision of the service.

After the request has been processed by the company manager, we may ask you to clarify some booking parameters.

After the data is confirmed, we transfer your request to the transfer company that performs the transportation in the selected region; it decides on the possibility of providing services under specific conditions. The booking is considered confirmed after the final response of the transfer company.

Transfer booking has to be made at least 24 hours prior to the trip. We may refuse to accept your request if the booking is received after this time. In case you need an urgent transfer, please contact our staff by phone.

3. Contact Information

In order to clarify the necessary details of the booking and timely inform you about the conditions and possible changes, we need the following data:

The providing data is strictly confidential. We agree to use it in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

4. Car Selection Parameters

The number of passengers in the transport is determined by the class of the selected car. If you carry non-standard size luggage, the capacity of the car may decrease.

The responsibility for the provision of information on the presence of a child among the passenger lies with the customer. In this case, a car seat is required. You must indicate such a need either when placing the order or at least 24 hours prior to the transfer.

The conditions indicated above are binding. In case you do not adhere to these rules, the transfer company has the right to refuse to provide the service. In case you did not provide information about the child and a car seat request in advance, the transfer can be refused. In this case, the paid cost of the service is not refundable.

5. Luggage Standards

The sum of the length, height, and width of the luggage must not exceed 158 cm. Luggage exceeding this size, as well as sports equipment (bicycles, skis, golf bags, etc.), prams, and cases with musical instruments, bags for animals, etc., belong to the category of non-standard luggage. The presence of such luggage requires prior coordination with the transfer company and may entail additional costs.

6. Pick-up place and time

The pick-up place is the location with the exact address where the driver must wait for the customer. The address must be determined by the district, administrative unit or other accurate information that makes it possible to determine the location. You can indicate the name of the hotel, coordinates, the point on the map, etc. The range of methods for determining the exact location are offered by aktis.taxi.

The date and time of the meeting should also be indicated while booking. This determines when and at what time the driver needs to arrive at the agreed location. The meeting time is indicated according to the local time zone. When booking, the passenger also indicates any additional information about his arrival: flight or bus number, ship name, etc. You will see all possible data formats on the Aktis.Taxi website.

The passenger waiting time at the meeting point with no extra charge is 15 minutes. The exception is meeting at the airport, in which case the waiting time can exceed 45 minutes.

Please note that the time is indicated in 24-hour format, and corresponds to the time zone of the country where the service is being provided.

7. Additional stops on the route

You can book additional transport stops during the trip. Please provide this information when booking. In some cases, stops are required for customers to return or receive keys to rented apartments or collect the members of the group. The additional stop location must be in the same locality as the final or initial location. The stopping time is limited to 15 minutes.

8. Implementation of the booking control

All necessary information about your booking will be sent to you by email indicated by you while booking. We can also give you additional information by phone if necessary. The client is responsible for the risks of late receipt/viewing of the message in the mail or lack of telephone connection.

Any questions regarding the booking can be asked either to the Aktis.Taxi support service managers or to an employee of the transfer company indicated in the voucher.

9. Payment methods

Depending on the region and transfer company, prepayment may be required when booking a transfer. In such cases, you can pay by card on the website. Otherwise, the amount indicated in the voucher must be paid to the driver upon arrival. Most transfer companies accept both cash and Visa, Master Card.

If you want to pay for the trip in advance, please contact us by sending an email to info@aktis.taxi. In case you need an invoice issued by the company, you should also contact our manager.

10. Booking changes

Any kinds of changes you wish to make in your order after its confirmation must be sent to the email address info@aktis.taxi at least 24 hours prior to the trip. Changes are considered accepted after processing the request by our manager and sending the corresponding letter to your email address. You can also inform us about any changes in your booking using the "Contact Manager" button in the email with the voucher. You are responsible for any increased service costs resulting from the requested change. If the changes are significant (for example, the replacement of the airport, train station or other places of arrival), you must inform us at least 24 hours prior to the trip. Minor changes, such as an airplane delay of 1 hour, replacement of the arrival point within a settlement, etc., can be accepted at least 5 hours before the beginning of the trip. In case of emergency, please contact the Aktis.Taxi staff by +30 (690) 763 90 47.

11. Making changes to the booking

In case a transfer company has made significant changes to the order, or there is a need to cancel the booking, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will do our best for the service to be provided in full, but the car can be replaced with a more capacious one or with a different number of cars depending on the order and availability.

If there is a need to replace the car with a lower-class one due to unforeseen circumstances, we undertake to recalculate the cost of the service.

It rarely happens that we need to cancel a reservation. In such case, the full cost of the booking will be returned to you immediately after cancellation in case the transfer was prepaid. However, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of canceling the reservation. Nevertheless, our company will do our best in order to find alternative transportation options for you.

12. Booking cancellation

You have the right to cancel your booking with a full refund of the payment (in case such was made) if contact us up to 24 hours prior to the transfer. In order to cancel the booking, you need to contact the Aktis.Taxi manager by phone, email or by following the link sent to you by email with the voucher. Prepayment is not refundable in case you apply after the indicated time.

Responsibility for the cancellation or delay of the flight lies with the customer. In case the approved free waiting limit expires, we cannot guarantee the availability of transport at a meeting place.

In certain rare cases related to unforeseen emergency circumstances, we are entitled to cancel the reservation with a full refund of the payment (in case such was made).

13. Passenger no-show

When booking, the passenger indicates the contact phone number, which should be available for incoming calls on the day of the meeting, during the free waiting period and before boarding the car.

In case of no-show at the appointed place at the scheduled time and period of free waiting, the transfer company may refuse to perform the service and leave the meeting place. In such case, all the above-mentioned clauses of the Terms apply.

In case of no-show, the cost of the order is withheld. Losses of the customer due to the failure to provide services through his fault are not refundable.

14. Driver no-show

In case you do not find a representative of the transfer company upon arrival at the meeting place at the scheduled time, you must contact the driver by phone specified in the voucher. If the connection is not available, you need to inform the Aktis.Taxi employee about this.

Claims regarding the failure to provide or improper provision of the service are considered within 14 days starting from the day of the trip. In such claim, you must indicate the following information:

In order to confirm your location at the scheduled time, you can take a photo at the meeting place with the clock. When in the airport or train station, you can take a photo of the schedule in the building. Alternatively, you can provide any other evidence confirming that you were at the agreed place on time but the driver did not show.

After the confirmation of no-show, the company fully refunds your payment, in case such was made.

15. Force Majeure

The parties are not liable for the poor-quality provision or inability to provide services in the event of force majeure, emergency incidents and other circumstances, which could not be foreseen and controlled.

Force majeure circumstances include natural disasters (earthquake, flood, tsunami, avalanche, etc.), fire, epidemiological situation of the region, mass strikes, war, sabotage, government restrictions, as well as transportation, terrorist acts, prohibition trade within the country and between countries, international sanctions and other prohibitions that are not dependent on the will of the country.

The parties of the agreement are obliged to promptly warn each other about the occurrence of force majeure circumstances and provide a document from the competent authorities about the presence of force majeure in the region. Documentary confirmation is being issued by competent organizations in accordance with the current legislation of the country.

If the abovementioned requirements are not met, either party is deprived of the right to invoke force majeure circumstances and is liable for non-performance or improper performance of the service.

16. Refund Procedure

A full refund of your payment occurs within 10 days at the account with details specified while booking. If you paid for the service by credit card, the refund will be made to the same card that you used to transfer money. The company’s obligation to return the full amount is deemed fulfilled when funds are withdrawn from the company’s account in favor of the customer or when the corresponding order has been sent to the payment system.

The timing of receipt of funds by the customer does not depend on Aktis.Taxi, but is set by your bank or the international payment system.

17. Claims Policy

Any claims regarding the quality of the service provided are considered by the company if received no later than 14 days after the end of the trip. A written complaint must be sent to info@aktis.taxi. After this time, submitted claims may not be accepted.

Besides, you can complain directly to the transfer company that provided the service. The claim may also include a request for compensation of damage caused to property, life, or health of passengers.

If you do not have the necessary information on how to file a claim to the transfer company, you can inform the company employees about this at info@aktis.taxi. All your comments will certainly be sent to the transfer company for consideration and decision regarding a specific requirement.

18. Other conditions

Greek law applies to all disputes regarding the Terms of use. In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved pre-trial, all the disputes between a client and Aktis Car are resolved exclusively by a competent court in the region of official registration of Aktis Group Ltd.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any clauses of the current Terms does not affect the validity or applicability of any other clauses of the current Terms that remain in full force and effect.

The law of the country in which the transport is provided applies to the contract between a lessor and a client. The applicable law must be specified in the contract.